Our clinic offers a free and comprehensive hearing exam. Here’s what to expect from a session with one of our trained specialists:

What to Expect at a Hearing Exam

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Ed Kocher, ACA, BC-HIS

What to expect at your annual hearing test

It’s a little known fact that 48 million Americans have a considerable hearing loss problem, yet a third of them avoid seeking help. And as with any condition, putting off going to a specialist can have serious ramifications down the line for your hearing. Feel you could be a sufferer? Our clinic offers a free and comprehensive hearing exam. Here’s what to expect from a session with one of our trained specialists:

An Audiometric Evaluation

You’ll first take an audiometric evaluation. Here, we’ll look at how well you can hear sounds from deep bassy sounds all the way up to high pitched and sharp notes. You’ll be asked to hear different frequency sounds at progressively lower volumes until you are unable to detect them.

We’ll then test your speech discrimination, which is how you’re able to understand spoken sentences at various volumes. Excerpts are played at quieter volumes until we come to your speech recognition threshold (SRT) which is the quietest level at which you can identify half the words spoken.

A word recognition test follows which evaluates how well you can understand single-syllabled words at a normal volume.

Finally our specialist will examine your middle ear and hearing nerve for potential problems. They will then perform a ‘tympanogram’ which determines whether your ear drums are moving in a healthy manner.

What You’ll Learn From the Exam

These tests are designed to evaluate the cause and extent of any hearing loss present, and how they have affected each ear individually. In the process, you’ll learn how to read a hearing chart and analyze your own hearing. You’ll also see how your ears compare to that of a normal healthy ear.

A Breakdown of Hearing Aids That Might Suit You

Once the tests are conducted and results gathered, we can begin considering the different hearing options that you have available. These range from the almost invisible in-canal options up to the most feature-packed models. You’ll be advised on the best models that fit with your individual budgets and lifestyles. Some people prefer the most discreet aids while others want the latest technologies. We’ll help you find the right device for you.

Why Choose Us For Your Free Hearing Test?

In addition to a FREE audiometric test, we also provide the following extras at no extra cost:

  • Otoscopic Examination

    An otoscopic exam, where we’ll test for wax blockages in the ear canals which can lead to earaches, ear infections or hearing loss.

  • Clean and Check

    An analysis of your current hearing aids and their efficacy.

  • Tubing Change

    If you have behind-the-ear aids, we’ll retube them free of charge.

Americans with hearing loss wait on average seven years before seeking help. Don’t be one of them. Call us today for a free no-obligation hearing test. Your ears will thank you!


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