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GN ReSound: Company Overview
The hearing aid manufacturer ReSound was founded in 1943 in Denmark.  Resound is driven by the commitment to help people rediscover hearing – which will help them lead rich and fulfilling lives. Always at the forefront of technology, ReSound has produced several important industry firsts: an open-standard digital chip, Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) sound processing, and Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS). Behind their products, ReSound conducts research worldwide to create technology that is applicable to real life situations. Now with offices in 25 countries and distributors in more than 80 countries, ReSound continues their mission to provide people worldwide with sophisticated hearing technology.

Resound Hearing Aids

Call us at: (717) 560-5023

Call us at: (717) 560-5023

LiNX 3D – Made for iPhone

resound appNow in its second generation, the LiNX 3D Made for iPhone hearing aid has improved upon the successes of its predecessor. With an updated processing platform, along with new and improved program features, the LiNX 3D offers wearers exceptional sound quality, speech understanding, and spatial awareness.

With the capability to connect wirelessly to iPhones, the LiNX 3D opens wearers up to a world of accessibility. LiNX 3D hearing aid wearers are able to stream phone conversations, FaceTime, music, and other media directly from the iPhone to their hearing aids. Additionally, the geo-tagging feature creates a natural and seamless listening experience. By activating the iPhone’s GPS, wearer preferences are geo-tagged in specific locations and stored. The next time you return to a location with geo-tagged preferences, the LINX 3D automatically adjusts to the saved presets.

The LiNX 3D is equipped with many features to give wearers a clear and rich listening experience. Surround Sound locates the source of sound and provides 360-degree spectrum of sound. New Binaural Directionality II simulates a natural binaural listening experience, giving wearers a clearer signal of sound. LiNX 3D also improves speech recognition features, which is one of the main struggles for people who experience hearing loss. For wearers who need an extra boost, the connection with the iPhone allows you to turn your phone’s microphone into an assistive listening device. By connecting through a downloadable app, wearers simply place their iPhones near the source of sound they wish to amplify.

The LiNX 3D supports the brain’s natural ability to process sound, recognize speech, and help situate wearers within their surroundings by simulating normal binaural hearing. The construction of this device provides protectionfrom the elements, as well as dust, water, earwax, and sweat. LiNX 3D is designed with ergonomics in mind – with SureFit to personalize the hearing aid for maximum comfort. LiNX 3D is also equipped with Nature Sounds tinnitus therapy, to provide relief from the symptoms of tinnitus.


Resound Enzo2

The ENZO2 is designed for people who experience severe to profound hearing loss. With the understanding that higher levels of hearing loss brings with it many more challenges, the ENZO2 is empowered with enhanced speech recognition and spatial awareness features.

Like the LiNX 3D, ENZO2 is equipped with ReSound features such as New Binaural Directionality II, Spatial Sense, and Surround Sound. These features give wearers a natural and rich quality of sound, as well as a comfortable listening experience. Additional features available with the ENZO2 include: speech focus to help with speech recognition, comfort in noise, comfort in wind, and feedback cancellation. ENZO2 also boasts an advanced version of Surround Sound, which provides higher levels of amplification and elimination of background noise.

For people with active lifestyles, the comfort in wind feature eliminates the noise of wind for better sound quality. Unlike other similarly powered hearing aids for higher degrees of hearing loss, ENZO2 is significantly smaller in size.

Other Styles & Features

All ReSound hearing aids are fully customizable to meet specific hearing needs. ReSound’s LiNX 3D treats hearing loss in degrees from mild to profound, and it is available in a number of styles: invisible-in-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear. The ENZO2 is a behind-the-ear hearing aid, available in three power levels: Power, High Power, and Super Power, depending on the wearer’s needs.

ReSound also offers a line of pediatric hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

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