Audiologist And Team

Hearing Solutions precisely programed to your individual hearing needs.

Since we’ve been providing hearing help to those with hearing loss since 1982, we’ve built several decades of expertise and a combined experience of 39+ years. At Advanced Tech Hearing Aid Centers, our Audiologists work closely to identify your hearing loss and provide you with the best lifestyle solution. This unique process of better hearing begins with a comprehensive hearing evaluation. Testing your hearing allows our Audiologist to determine the level of your hearing loss and your ability to understand speech. Following the hearing test, we will meet with you and your family to discuss the solution that’s right for you.

Our state-of-the-art testing and fitting equipment allow our specialist to provide you with an unsurpassed level of comprehensive hearing care. Our commitment to better hearing is enhanced with an extensive line of digital products that have proven themselves to be on the leading edge of hearing technology. With our convenient locations and professional staff, our exceptional service provides effective hearing care for you, your family, and your loved ones.

Why choose Advanced Tech for Your Hearing Care?

We believe in the age-old principle that the patient always comes first. When you come in for your appointment, you will be greeted with a friendly smile. You will never feel pressured and you will never be rushed, for we will take the time necessary to answer your questions and address your concerns. Furthermore, we will thoroughly explain the benefits and features of each type of hearing aid technology. Our goal is to provide patients with high-quality hearing care along with the utmost honesty and integrity. Our specialist has extensive training in many areas related to hearing science, so you know you're getting the highest level of hearing care available. Our hearing specialist exceed the required amount of continuing education each year and are members of some of the most respected organizations in their field.

Meet Our Team

Ed Kocher and Char Kocker

Ed Kocher, ACA, BC-HIS and Char Kocher

Audioprosthologist & Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

“I became an audioprosthologist because I wanted to be able to help people enjoy better hearing, which can ultimately improve their quality of life in ways they never thought possible. My approach to patient care is highly personalized and informative, and I only recommend hearing solutions that meet my patients’ individual needs. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling and golfing.”

Christopher Kocher

Christopher Kocher, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

“With all of my family in the business of helping people hear better, becoming a Doctor of Audiology was an easy decision for me. I look forward to improving the lives of others through enhanced hearing and communication. I also look forward to continuing the growth of Advanced Tech Hearing Aid Centers in Lancaster and other areas of Pennsylvania."

Mitch Trace

Mitch Trace, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

with AdTech since 2010
"I enjoy being able to make a difference in the quality of life a person receives through better hearing. I earned my dispensing qualifications so I could be involved in the complete process of a person’s search for better hearing. The end result of helping them communicate with their loved ones with quality hearing aids when needed, is very special to me. In my free time I travel, boat and ski, and ride my motorcycle."

Jennifer Kocher

Jennifer Kocher, BS, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist & Marketing Director

For the past 39+ years, my family has been involved in the hearing industry and now both my older sister and younger brother are involved in the business. In addition to the marketing duties I contribute to our family business, I have earned my PA Department of Health Dispensing Credentials.

Patient Care Coordinators

Kelly Heaton

Kelly Heaton

with AdTech since 2011

Reba Wissler

Reba Wissler

with AdTech since 1995