4 Hearing Aid Accessories For Even Better Hearing

Beyond Hearing Aids: 4 Hearing Aid Accessories For Even Better Hearing

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Ed Kocher, ACA, BC-HIS

Beyond Hearing Aids: 4 Hearing Aid Accessories For Even Better Hearing

For most with hearing loss, the first and most important step toward better hearing is the hearing aid. Hearing aids are incredible feats of technology that can transform a hearing impaired individual’s life for the better. But beyond the hearing aid, there are lots of additional tools that we can use to improve our hearing.

Depending on our lifestyles and our hearing needs, some of these tools can make all of the difference in our hearing health. If you feel like your hearing aid is just the first step toward your perfect hearing solution, consider these four add-ons to make your hearing experience richer than ever before.


Bluetooth Wireless Transmitters

We live in a connected world – and one of the coolest way we stay connected is with Bluetooth. The hearing aid world was never far behind, and was quick to create advanced Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid add-ons that made Bluetooth connectivity for aids a reality.

These wireless Bluetooth accessories are separate from your hearing aid, and often come with a remote control for even better control. These accessories connect your Bluetooth devices with your hearing aid, making phone calls, listening to music and watching TV a seamless hearing experience.

If you’re regularly on your phone, listening to music or watching a Bluetooth-enabled television a Bluetooth accessory might be a great addition to your hearing aid. Some even connect to an app for iPhones, which make these the perfect 21st Century hearing aid accessory.


Rechargeable Batteries

One of the best things about modern electronics is the ability to recharge – rather than replace – the batteries. While a lot of hearing aids have batteries that require regular replacement, some hearing aids have special batteries that come with a charging dock.

That means that you can charge your hearing aids every night while you sleep, the same way you might recharge your laptop or your phone. Depending on your hearing aids, these charges keep your aids operating with optimal performance for up to 12 hours.


Wireless Microphones

One of the most important elements of hearing aids are their ability to improve your understanding of speech. Of course, hearing aids aren’t always perfect when it comes to picking up the right sounds at the right time. Sometimes, a speaker’s voice might be affected by other surrounding sounds.

For those that find their aids aren’t up to the task of understanding speech in crowded environments, a wireless microphone that connects to their hearing aids are a great add-on. These microphones can be held up to a speaker’s mouth and transmits the sounds via a transmitter directly to the hearing aid.

These are great for those that require a little more help to understand speech, and are great for conversations in crowded environments like restaurants or conferences.


Hearing Aid Remote Controls

Who doesn’t love control at their fingertips? Hearing aids rely on careful adjustments to settings that personalize their performance to your hearing needs. These settings are most often set by your hearing professional, but some hearing aids allow you to make adjustments to simple settings like volume and direction with the click of a button.

Remote controls are great for those that want a little bit of extra control over their hearing aids. Increase and decrease volume, adjust the directional microphone of your aid and change settings for specific sound environments with a simple click. Of course, not all hearing aids are set up for remote controls, so ask our hearing specialists about those that are.


Of course, it’s always best to make decisions about your hearing needs with the help of a hearing professional. Contact our hearing experts to talk about your specific hearing needs and how to meet them. We’re ready to make your hearing experience the best that it can be!


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