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Unitron hearing aids in Pennsylvania

Unitron is based in the Waterloo region of Ontario is known as “Canada’s Silicon Valley.” Founded in 1964, Unitron is now linked with Sonova Group, a global provider of hearing instruments. Unitron distributes their hearing aids in 45 countries worldwide, with 20 international offices and 50 international partners. Unitron’s commitment to making life better through innovation is apparent in their hearing aids. Unitron hearing aid designs are derived from research and development based on data from real hearing patients and audiologists. They work in conjunction with the National Centre for Audiology at Western University in Canada to develop their hearing aids. Additionally, Unitron works collaboratively with the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss and Hear the World Foundation. Learn more about Unitron here.

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TrueFit Software & Flex

As a part of their program to provide better fitting, flexible solutions, Unitron offers a trial program and fitting software to determine the best, personalized solutions for hearing. Unitron TrueFit software was developed in collaboration with hearing healthcare professionals. Hearing aid wearers are given trial hearing aids to “test drive.” During this test drive, the wearer’s preferences are recorded with a program called Log It All, which provides clear insight into the wearer’s actual listening experience. This allows hearing specialists to tailor hearing aids to their patients’ specific needs, based on lifestyle and daily activities. Unitron’s Flex gives wearers the opportunity to try different devices to find the best fit.

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Tempus drives conversations.

Tempus Processing Platform

Unitron’s latest sound processing platform is called Tempus, and it is based on a foundation of Unitron’s proven sound quality. Built into Unitron’s hearing technologies, Tempus provides wearers with natural sound, clean signals, and a greater dynamic range. Its wide dynamic range allows for a better sound picture without distortion, while the dual core processing performs tasks quickly. Tempus also provides wearers with better focus of sounds in noise, with seven settings for seven common sound environments. These include better focus in noise and quiet, a special music feature, and four specific to conversations: conversation in quiet, in a small group, in a crowd, and in noise.

Unitron Tempus hearing aids in Pennsylvania

Unitron Hearing Aid Styles & Features

Unitron offers three main families of hearing aids, available in various models and customizable with different features. The three are: Stride, Moxi, and Max. All three Unitron families are equipped SoundNav, Sound Conductor, and Speech Zone 2 features, providing wearers with clear sounds. SoundNav identifies and classifies seven different environments, with four that focus on conversation (see Tempus platform above). Meanwhile, Sound Conductor balances the appropriate features to deal with each unique listening scenario as identified by SoundNav, giving sound a natural quality. Speech Zone 2 gives wearers a boost in speech recognition against difficult background noise. Binaural spatial processing gives wearers 360-degree speech detection, picking up signals from any direction. The Stride hearing aid is worn in behind-the-ear and in-the-ear styles. The Moxi hearing aid comes in four difference receiver-in-canal styles, including the new Unitron Moxi Now. The Moxi now hearing aids are the smallest in their class. The Max hearing aid is designed specifically for people with severe to profound hearing loss, is available in three specific technology levels, and is worn in the behind-the-ear style.

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