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Unitron is based in the Waterloo region of Ontario is known as “Canada’s Silicon Valley.” Founded in 1964, Unitron is now linked with Sonova Group, a global provider of hearing instruments. Unitron distributes their hearing aids in 45 countries worldwide, with 20 international offices and 50 international partners. Unitron’s commitment to making life better through innovation is apparent in their hearing aids. Unitron hearing aid designs are derived from research and development based on data from real hearing patients and audiologists. They work in conjunction with the National Centre for Audiology at Western University in Canada to develop their hearing aids. Additionally, Unitron works collaboratively with the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss and Hear the World Foundation. Learn more about Unitron here.

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The Moxi Blu family

The Blu family of Unitron hearing aids features a highly advanced signal processing system, Integra OS. With easy personalization, made-for-all connectivity, and sleek new styles, Unitron gives life-enhancing hearing solutions that are ready for anything that the day holds.

All Powered by the new Sonova PRISM™ (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) with a chip twice the memory and more connectivity possibilities.

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unitron hearing aids

Remote Plus app

Patients wearing Moxi All hearing instruments can use the Remote Plus app* to share in-the-moment impressions of their hearing instrument performance. Plus the app lets them change programs, control volume and adjust the balance of their hearing instruments, all from their smartphone.


unitron hearing aids