Patient Testimonials

Mummaw, Gordon and Shirley-2

I have had hearing aids for over 10 years and for 7 or 8 with Advanced Tech. From reception to the technicians, in my opinion, are the best in the business! They have the latest up-to-date equipment. If I have any problems, they take care of me.

hearing aid testimonial pearl johnson

My hearing aids are small and fit my ears better, not like the big bulky kind, and the sound quality is better. My hearing aids adjust themselves depending on where I am! I am hearing much better and am well-satisfied with my hearing aids. It’s frustrating and no fun not being able to hear. Get hearing aids!

Fred Long

Do not hesitate to get hearing aids. Your life will be greatly improved. Advanced Tech will do a great job giving you the proper aids.


I’ve worked with 4 hearing aid specialists since my first set of hearing aids, and I haven’t found another that comes close to the experience and support that Advanced Tech supplies their patients. I would highly recommend them.

Joe D.