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Sound Solutions: The Evolution of Hearing Aids

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Welcome to our exploration of the remarkable journey of hearing aids—a journey that has transcended mere functionality to become an integral part of countless lives. In this blog, we’ll delve into the evolution of hearing aids, uncovering the transformative impact they’ve had on the way we perceive sound and connect with the world. A Symphony of Progress The inception of …

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How do Hearing Aids Work?

In hearing accessories, hearing aids, News and Technology by Ed Kocher, ACA, BC-HIS

In recent years, the advancement of education and awareness of hearing loss coupled with technological advances allows us to move past the stereotypical view of the use of hearing aids. Our attention to hearing loss as a public health issue also demands our action to be aware of our hearing practices and our environment. In the US alone, hearing loss …

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Beyond Hearing Aids: 4 Hearing Aid Accessories For Even Better Hearing

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For most with hearing loss, the first and most important step toward better hearing is the hearing aid. Hearing aids are incredible feats of technology that can transform a hearing impaired individual’s life for the better. But beyond the hearing aid, there are lots of additional tools that we can use to improve our hearing. Depending on our lifestyles and …