Smartphone Apps to Assist with Hearing

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Ed Kocher, ACA, BC-HIS

It’s an exciting time for hearing technology. Since 2015 – which was dubbed “Year of the Hearables” by Entrepreneur Magazine – manufacturers have been rapidly innovating hearing aid technology. Many major brands now offer Bluetooth-compatible and iPhone-specific hearing aids, with the option to stream sounds and control your listening experience.

Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Here at Advanced Tech Hearing Aid Centers, we offer a number of wireless hearing aid models from leading brands such as Siemens/Signia, Starkey, Widex, Oticon, Resound, and Unitron. In particular, Starkey’s Halo 2 and ReSound’s LiNX2 are two specific Made for iPhone hearing aids (with Android compatibility) that provide immediate access to audio from your smartphones. Widex’s BEYOND is the newest Made for iPhone hearing aid on the scene.

With each of these Made for iPhone models, manufacturers offer apps that are downloadable on your phone to control and adjust your listening experience. You may change the volume or switch between programs with ease on the user-friendly apps. Additionally, these apps facilitate phone calls and FaceTime conversations to be delivered right to your ears. For more information on how to utilize these conveniences with your Made for iPhone hearing aid, contact us at Advanced Tech Hearing.

Apps that Provide an Extra Boost

In addition to these Made for iPhone hearing aids and their accompanying apps, there are a number of apps available that support your hearing.

Subtitles for Your Favorite Shows

Are you an avid TV or movie viewer? Check out the free app Subtitles Viewer! Subtitles come from and are available in numerous languages including English, Spanish, French, and German. Subtitles will synchronize with the shows and movies you’re watching on your home entertainment system, and even a movie at the cinema. A paid Pro version of the app provides unlimited subtitles for an even greater library of media.

Extra Amplification

Your hearing aids do a great job of capturing the sounds around you, and if you have a Made for iPhone hearing aid, check out the accompanying app for extra amplification options. Most Made for iPhone hearing aids offer the option to activate your iPhone’s microphone, using it as an assistive listening device to pick up and amplify the sounds in your environment and streaming them directly to your ears.

If you need an extra boost, check out the Jacoti ListenApp, which has been classified by the FDA as a Class I Medical Device in the US. This app processes sound in your environment and provides amplification to assist you in hearing. If you have a mild degree of hearing loss, Jacoti can be useful when your aids are being repaired. Simply plug in your headphones and enter your recent audiogram results for simple amplification.

Keep in mind that this app does not replace hearing aids and it does not amplify phone calls (as Made for iPhone hearing aids do). It is useful for people with mild degrees of hearing loss who need an extra boost when their hearing aids are not available.

Staying Safe

When it’s time for bed, you’ve probably got your routine down for taking out and safely storing your hearing aids. Most hearing aids must be removed before bed (unless you have a specialty pair) and the ones with rechargeable batteries must be placed in their charging stations overnight. As a result, nighttime can be tricky if you need to hear an alarm or a siren while you’re sleeping.

BeWarned is a ground-breaking app for people who are hard of hearing or deaf. The Sound Monitor feature provides visual notifications for sirens, alarms, and even screams. For people who experience deafness, the Connect function converts text into speech and vice versa. A light-up function is also useful for alerts. Link up BeWarned to the digital alarms in your life to stay safe.

Similarly, Deaf Wake is an alarm clock designed for people who are hearing impaired. With LED, vibration, and visual-based alarms, Deaf Wake uses your camera’s flash function or a flashing screen to notify you it’s time to wake up. Vibration or sounds are included, and can be mixed with flashing lights. Deaf Wake allows you to archive a number of different alarms and it connects to Apple Watch as well.

For a full listing of assistive apps, go here.

If you’re curious about how new technologies can better improve your listening experience, contact us at Advanced Tech Hearing today.