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Add Improved Hearing To Your New Year’s Health Goals!

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We can’t believe that 2023 is nearly here! So much continues to change and become possible that just ten years ago most of us could barely imagine. Perhaps we’ve retired, started a hobby, or began a new relationship that we simply can’t imagine living without. Another thing that may have progressed is our health. As we age it’s inevitable for certain aspects of our health to decline. However, when we stay on top of our health, we can make sure to stay just as healthy, active, and capable as ever.

One common aspect that affects millions of people in the US is hearing loss. Hearing loss is the third most common health concern, affecting 25 percent of adults 65 years and older and 50 percent of adults over 75. Due to the high risk of hearing loss as we age, it’s important to address a potential hearing loss before it becomes a larger issue in your life. If you are looking for a way to make a change in 2023, addressing a hearing loss is a great place to start. Here are just a few reasons why!

Physical Health Goals

Hearing loss is a serious issue which stretches far past just following conversations. Hearing also helps us, believe it or not, stay alert of the world around us. We have two ears for a reason. Two ears help us to localize sounds and identify how close and how fast they are approaching. When we have hearing loss in one ear or both, it can make us less aware of our environment and more prone to falls and accidents. When we are younger and we fall, we often can just brush ourselves off and keep going. However, as we age our bones become weaker and less dense. A fall can be the first step for older adults towards serious decline leading to higher risks of morbidity.
With this in mind, it’s important to address our hearing loss to keep us more alert and aware of the world around us. When we can hear clearly, we are more likely to stay active, try new things and make more social connections. In addition, an active lifestyle protects against age related hearing loss by supporting healthy blood flow and cardiovascular health. A healthy heart means better hearing, so use this as an excuse to get into an exercise routine you love at the start of 2023.

Mental Health Goals

Today more than ever the importance of mental health is being taken more seriously. Our total health is connected and when our minds are feeling clear, it can allow us to stay more social, active, and engaged in the life we love. When hearing loss goes unaddressed it can impact the relationships across your life, at home, with friends and in your work. It can make you feel isolated and alone and impact your mental health in a significant way.

However, when you address hearing loss you can rather quickly experience a change in how your everyday interactions play out. You’ll feel more alert, more connected, and more able to face everyday challenges when you can hear with enhanced clarity.

Social Health Goals

Of course, healthy hearing is connected to how we connect every day. Hearing loss in 90 percent of cases, meaning it’s permanent. This means that years can go by with strained communication and your loved ones will notice. This year can be a good time to acknowledge that barriers between loved ones can be addressed. For 2023, a great way to renew your commitment to social connection is addressing hearing loss. You’ll be surprised just how much easier it is to connect when you treat your hearing. This New Year, when you invest in hearing loss treatment, the gaps in your conversations and the rifts in your relationships start to be bridged.

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The most common treatment for hearing loss is hearing aids. This New Year’s find out if hearing aids are right for you and what they can do to improve your life! Contact us today and book your hearing exam now.