Starkey Halo iQ™
“Made for iPhone” Hearing Aids

Halo iQ™ is a Made for iPhone hearing aid (also compatible with Android devices), designed specifically be compatible with and to connect to your smartphone. These two devices work in conjunction to bring a new level of accessibility, ease of operation, and clarity in listening.

Halo iQ™ connects to your iPhone with the TruLink app, providing a seamless connection between the phone and the hearing aids. TruLink allows wearers to wirelessly stream phone calls, FaceTime, music, movies, and other media directly from the device to the Halo iQ™ aids. For people with active lifestyles, this hands-free experience and natural listening is lauded.

Starkey doesn’t just stop with iPhone, though. Halo iQ™ offers connection to many other electronic devices as well: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and various Android devices (Google Nexus, select Samsung models, and select HTC models).

Starkey Halo iQ™ Style and Features

Halo iQ™ comes in two styles: receiver-in-canal and behind-the-ear. Halo iQ™ is fully customizable, available in eight colors. Starkey has designed Halo iQ™ with a number of excellent listening features, designed to treat varying degrees of hearing loss. These features are available either directly in the hearing aid, or through a connection with the TruLink app.

GPS Geo-Tagging

Perhaps one of the most innovative features with Halo iQ™, GPS geo-tagging provides a truly seamless listening experience. As you move through different environments, you may notice that you hear differently depending on the space. When you make adjustments, TruLink saves your preferences and geo-tags them. When you return to these locations, Halo iQ™ makes automatic adjustments. Halo iQ™ offers 20 customized and geotagged hearing aid memories for an intuitive, natural listening experience.

Acuity Directionality

Acuity Directionality helps wearers hear better in challenging noise environments and assists in locating sounds. Halo iQ™’s microphones are placed in strategic parts of the hearing aid, designed to capture a wide spectrum of sound in the environment.
To better manage background noise in your environment, wearers may access SoundSpace and Noise Manager to adjust preferences.

Improved Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is one of the biggest challenges with hearing loss. Through a wireless connection with the TruLink app, your phone calls and FaceTime conversations are streamed wirelessly to your Halo iQ™ aids. This provides a clear channel of communication.

Additionally, Acuity Directionality (see above) provides excellent speech focus – even if speech sounds appear to the side or behind you. Speech Shift assists Acuity Directionality with speech recognition.

Feedback Cancellation

With advanced hearing aids with high sound quality, feedback can be a concern. This occurs when the amplified sounds in your aids are picked up by the microphone and re-amplified, creating a loop. This loop could sound like a buzz or a whistle and be uncomfortable. Halo ‘s Feedback Cancellation feature prevents feedback before it occurs.

Moisture and Dirt Resistant

Hearing aids are worn every day and are exposed to many different elements. Constructed of Surface NanoShield coating, Halo iQ™ hearing aids are durable and provide excellent protection from moisture, heat, humidity, and debris.

Customized Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus, “ringing of the ears,” is a condition in which people experience sounds without an external stimulus. Tinnitus appears in 80% to 90% of hearing loss cases, and can cause discomfort and distraction. Starkey provides relief from this frustrating condition with Multiflex Tinnitus Technology. Multiflex provides wearers with relaxing, synthetic tones to mask the uncomfortable sounds of tinnitus.