Signia Styletto Connect

Introducing the New Styletto Connect.

The look you want with the features you need.

In today’s digital age, we tend to rely on our devices more than ever. We want them to be connected, rechargeable, and overall enhance our lives. We also want them to have a modern look and feel. Hearing aids are no exception.

From rechargeability to smartphone connectivity and audio streaming, Signia’s Styletto Connect delivers a hearing aid that meets the most demanding consumer needs. It also has a sleek design that’s lightweight for maximum comfort. Most importantly though, Styletto Connect delivers crystal clear sound and a superior hearing experience.

Pure Charge&Go X

Hear what matters with your ultimate rechargeable hearing aids

Motion is part of your daily life and you carry conversations with you as you go. With the revolutionary Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids from Signia, you can move to your heart’s content and hear everything and everyone important to you in crystal-clear sound quality. Wherever you go.

Thanks to their game-changing acoustic-motion sensor technology, Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids understand your personal hearing environment in greater detail than ever to deliver sound precisely tailored to you.

We call this new hearing aid technology

  • Hear all the sounds that make hearing enjoyable
  • Hear clearly in any situation, wherever you go
  • Be an active part of every converstation