Risk-Free Hearing Aid Trial!

Hearing aid trial program
Hearing aid trial program
Hearing aid trial program
No money down, no-commitment, no-obligation.

At Advanced Tech Hearing Aid Centers, we are dedicated to helping our patients find the best hearing solution to meet their needs. This is why we are proud to offer risk-free hearing aid trials at each of our offices in Lancaster, New Holland and Red Lion. Participating in this free program is easy. Simply schedule a complimentary hearing test with one of our licensed specialists and you’ll be given trial hearing aids to “test drive.” During your hearing aid test drive, your preferences are recorded with a specialized program, which provides clear insight into your actual listening experience. This allows our hearing specialists to tailor hearing aids to your specific needs, based on your lifestyle and daily activities. Our software program provides clear data on the different hearing environments that you encounter during a typical day. Our Hearing Aid Test Drive gives wearers the opportunity to try different devices to experience first hand the difference hearing aids can make on your life!

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About Our Hearing Aid Trial Program

As a part of our committment to provide better fitting, flexible solutions, we offer a hearing aid trial program and fitting software to determine the best, personalized solutions for hearing. By participating in our free-trial program, hearing aid wearers are given trial hearing aids to “test drive.” During this test drive, the wearer’s preferences are recorded, which provides clear insight into the wearer’s actual listening experience. This allows our hearing specialists to tailor hearing aids to the patients’ specific needs, based on lifestyle and daily activities. The Advanced Tech hearing aid trial program gives wearers the opportunity to try different devices to find the best fit.

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Patient Feedback

We are happy to report that the Hearing Aid Trial program succeeds in providing the best hearing aid fit for users. According to surveys, 84% of clients who participated in Unitron’s trial program found that the trial experience improved their own experience with hearing aids; and 82% of program participants reported that the trial period helped to fit the correct technology level to hearing needs.

Most importantly, a hearing aid test drive strengthen the relationship between hearing aid wearers and their hearing professionals. It opens up conversations about specific hearing needs, and provides flexible solutions. Through this no-obligation program, we are able to provide hearing aid wearers the opportunity to experience the value and benefit of hearing instruments to improve their quality of life.

Think a risk-free hearing aid trial is right for you?

Our hearing professionals are experts at helping people to find the right hearing solutions for them. We invite you to contact us today to schedule your hearing aid trial at one of our three Pennsylvania locations.


Unitron Company Mission

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Unitron is based in the Waterloo region of Ontario is known as “Canada’s Silicon Valley.” Founded in 1964, Unitron is now linked with Sonova Group, a global provider of hearing instruments. Unitron distributes their hearing aids in 45 countries worldwide, with 20 international offices and 50 international partners. Unitron’s commitment to making life better through innovation is apparent in their hearing aids. Unitron partners with hearing healthcare professionals internationally. Their hearing aid designs are derived from research and development based on data from real hearing patients and audiologists.

Unitron is committed to making life better, by never losing sight of the human side of the business. As a result, Unitron relies on feedback from their clients as they develop new products.