Risk-Free Hearing Aid Trial!

No money down, no-commitment, no-obligation.

At Advanced Tech Hearing Aid Centers, we are dedicated to helping our patients find the best hearing solution to meet their needs. This is why we are proud to offer risk-free hearing aid trials at each of our offices in Lancaster and New Holland. Participating in this free program is easy. Simply schedule a complimentary hearing test with one of our licensed specialists and you’ll be given trial hearing aids to “test drive.”

During your hearing aid test drive, your preferences are recorded with a specialized program, which provides clear insight into your actual listening experience. This allows our hearing specialists to tailor hearing aids to your specific needs, based on your lifestyle and daily activities. Our software program provides clear data on the different hearing environments that you encounter during a typical day. Our Hearing Aid Test Drive gives wearers the opportunity to try different devices to experience first hand the difference hearing aids can make on your life!

Click here for your no-obligation hearing aid test trial!